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We need a neutral net


I believe that we need a neutral net—one that is free of bias, blockades and barriers.

Without true neutrality, coercion can influence the path to our goals.

I’ll use the analogy of a library to illustrate my general concerns. The internet is like an infinite library, with shelves for every imaginable topic, so I believe that this analogy bears some merit.

Imagine a library. You decide to explore religion. You go to the religion section, and all major religions are represented, along with many minor ones. There are multiple books on each one, all in good condition, within easy reach. This is a representation of a neutral internet.

Now imagine a different type of library. There are carts blocking the religion aisle. But, on the end of the row, there are new copies of the Gideon bible. They are new because fresh copies are frequently donated to the library. The Gideon organization even pays for special shelving and a colorful sign. If you push the cart aside, you can see other copies of Christian bibles within easy reach, and they are in reasonable condition. The librarian is partial to Christianity, so they place their preference in a prominent location, and they order replacements on a regular schedule. Other religious books are located on higher shelves, requiring a ladder to reach. They are few in number, and they are in poor condition. A note is posted, stating that other books are available, but they take weeks to be delivered, and there is a charge to read them. This is a representation of a net without neutrality.

Which library would you prefer?

If you want to keep our net neutral, contact your congressional representatives and let them know.

Read more about net neutrality here.

A quick laugh

Did you hear about the guys who stole a truck load of Viagra?

The police are looking for a couple of hardened criminals.

You, yes, you…

No Freedom, copyright NSA

…do you value your privacy?

I do.

Quite frankly, there are things that I love that I don’t want anyone to know about. I don’t want you to know how I dance to Katy Perry’s music. Or how I cry when I sing along to “The One That Got Away” with her. Or how she lights up my heart with “Firework.”

It’s none of your business.

But the NSA wants to know. They want to know everything. This isn’t right. I don’t want to be spied on. I want to be free. Free to express myself. Free to express my art. Free to live my life.

From first hand experience, I know how painful it is to have others observe you with a judgmental eye. And if your actions, style, voice and art are a bit too different from their personal preferences, ridicule follows. And it hurts. It is a hurt that kills creativity. A hurt that wounds an artistic soul.

On February 11th, there is a movement. A movement to let our voices be heard. Let congress know that the NSA has went to far. If you care about freedom, add your voice. If enough of us speak from our hearts, they can’t ignore us.

Visit for more information on how to take action.

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